Current Cases

Burleson v. BART et al: Commuter racially profiled for “riding BART while Black”. BART police assaulted and arrested Albert Burleson even though nothing but his skin color matched the description of the suspect they were looking for.

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Save CCSF Coalition v. Officer Lim et al. : City College students brutalized and wrongfully arrested by SFPD and CCSF PD at a March 13, 2014, Save CCSF demonstration.

Read the Lawsuit Complaint: Complaint

NLGSF / Save CCSF Coalition press release HERE

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Bates v. City of Oakland et al.:  Copwatching is not a crime! Russell Bates is a 67 year old copwatcher who was clubbed on the head by OPD while videotaping during a May Day, 2012, demonstration.

Read the Complaint: 1stA Complaint

Chronicle article: Suit accuses Oakland cops of beating man

Cochran and Pollard v. City of Berkeley: Cal grads racially profiled by the Berkeley Police for “walking while Black”.

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Hashitaka v. Caraway et al.: SFPD choked Takuro Hashitaka into unconsciousness and cut his 10 month old son, Moku, from his chest with a knife. His crime? A bike helmet violation. The police then took Moku to Child Protective Services despite Takuro’s pleas for them to call his wife, who was only a block away.

Read the Complaint: Complaint filed

Chronicle article

Crawford v. City of Oakland et al.: Journalists unlawfully harassed, detained and ticketed by OPD for documenting and exposing police misconduct.

Chronicle article

Bighorse and Negrette v. City and County of San Francisco, et al.: The SF Giants ejected April Negrette and Kimball Bighorse from “Native American Heritage Night” at the ball game, and SFPD subjected them to excessive force, after April peacefully confronted a white man who was wearing an offensive fake Indian headdress.

USA Today article

Spangenberg v. Starr King School for the Ministry: Suzi Spangenberg and Julie Brock are former student leaders at Starr King School for the Ministry whose Master of Divinity degrees are being wrongly withheld by the school’s Board of Trustees. Suzi and Julie have met all degree requirements and the school’s faculty unanimously voted to grant Suzi and Julie M. Div. degrees in February 2014.

Suzi and Julie’s November 6, 2014, statement to the Ad Hoc Committee