Alexsis C. Beach

“I work collaboratively with my clients to ensure that their issues are addressed. I do this by maintaining close communication with my clients, and by working with them step by step to ensure that they understand the legal process and that their claims are efficiently advanced. My goal is for my clients to feel satisfied and that justice was served despite the often frustrating nature of the legal system.”

Alexsis C. Beach has been practicing law since 1987. She has successfully sued numerous slumlords over wrongful evictions and bad housing conditions, and has helped hundreds of same sex parents throughout Northern California obtain legal protections. She is an experienced and aggressive advocate for persons injured in car, bicycle, and other types of accidents. She has affordable flat rate fees for personal bankruptcy, and general family law.

Alexsis is a long time member of the San Francisco Tenant Bar, the National Center for Lesbian Rights adoption and family law committee, and the National Lawyers Guild, and a Board member of the The Sperm Bank of California. She is a panel attorney on the Exemplar Legal Services plan for members of the UNITE HERE! Local 2 hotel and restaurant workers’ union.