There are an almost infinite number of ways in which families come together. Alexsis Beach provides legal assistance with traditional and nontraditional adoptions, including same sex second parent and domestic partner adoptions, stepparent adoptions, single parent adoptions, adult adoptions, relative adoptions, domestic “re-adoptions” following an international adoption, agency and independent adoptions. I am interested in responding to legal needs that arise from changing family structures, and stay on the cutting edge of legal developments in this field as a member of the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ adoption and family law committee.

If you are not sure of the procedure you need to legalize your parental relationship, give me a call (or use my contact form.) I may be able to help. I will make your adoption as simple and efficient as possible. I will stay in close contact with you throughout your case and will be available to answer all of your questions or concerns along the way. I have been through the adoption process myself as the non-biological mom of two teen sons.

I am not an adoption facilitator, and do not find babies or children for adopting parents. I can refer you to excellent resources for this. I recommend that my clients see a Bar certified estate planning specialist with tax expertise for help with estate planning documents such as wills and trusts.TOSHIBA Exif JPEG